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Bridging Finance Against a Retirement Annuity

Bridging Finance Against a Retirement Annuity

Have you recently retired or resigned? Been retrenched, dismissed? If you're waiting for your pension money to be paid out, but need money in a hurry, Marlin Credit Services can help.

Need your pension or provident fund money in a hurry?

You may qualify for a bridging loan if:

  • you are awaiting a lump sum pay out (for example a retirement annuity).
  • the benefit exceeds R20 000.
  • you need an advance of R2 000 - R32 000 (based on 10% of your lump sum).

Get an Advance on Your Retirement Annuity!

Retirement annuities can take up to six months to be released. You don't have to struggle until you receive your lump sum pay out. Marlin Credit Services can help you get money by means of retirement annuity bridging loans, thus enabling you to meet your financial commitments in the interim.

Marlin Credit Services can advance a loan on a portion of the lump sum that is due to you on a short term basis. Our bridging finance loans range from R20,000 to R32,000, depending on affordability and based on a ratio of up to 10% of the total value of the retirement annuity due to you. Terms range from 65 to 90 days.

If you qualify for a minimum lump sum retirement annuity payout of at least R20,000, you can apply for a bridging loan from Marlin Credit Services. We pride ourselves on professional, effective service and it's our mission to get your money in your hands as soon as possible.

How to Apply Bridging Finance on Your Retirement Annuity

Don't complicate your financial situation unnecessarily by waiting until the retirement annuity fund finally releases your money. Ease your financial burden right now by applying for bridging finance.

Marlin Credit Services will assess your individual risk profile, credit record and circumstances and offer you a bridging loan against your retirement annuity.

In order to apply for bridging finance, please prepare and have the following documents:

  • Completed bridging loan application form
  • Copy of ID document
  • Copy of latest 2 month bank statement
  • Copy of latest payslip
  • Pension/provident fund benefit statement
  • Divorce settlement order where applicable
  • Any other documents that can strengthen your application

Your Marlin Credit Services bridging loan consultant will send you a copy of our application form, which needs to be completed and returned to us as soon as possible, along with the supporting documents listed above. Once your information has been verified, we will submit it for approval.

Get in touch with Marlin Credit Services today to apply for a bridging loan on your retirement annuities.


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