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Bridging Finance Against a Divorce Settlement or Provident Fund

Bridging Finance Against a Divorce Settlement or Provident Fund Payout

Much changes after divorce - finances in particular. Divorce can change the way in which you manage your money, and place tremendous strain on the lifestyle to which you have been accustomed. A bridging loan from Marlin Credit Services provides a solution that can ease the pressure by making some of your money available right now.

Bridging finance from Marlin aim to reduce the strain of daily expenses and help you to pay off some of your outstanding debts while you're waiting for your settlement. A bridging loan against your provident fund can help you meet some of your pressing financial commitments to avoid you from sinking into a financially crippling situation.

Why struggle when an easy solution is available to you? Apply for a bridging loan from Marlin Credit Services today.

Why get a bridging loan

Benefits of a Marlin Credit Services bridging loan against your divorce settlement or provident fund payout:

  • It enables you to meet your most pressing financial commitments while you wait for your settlement.
  • Your repayment is determined by your individual risk profile.
  • Most private schemes are approved.
  • Access a part of your settlement in as little as five business days, by taking a bridging loan against your benefit.

Marlin Credit Services is a registered financial services provider, regulated by the National Credit Act and Financial Services Board. We adhere to the regulations stipulated by the National Credit Regulator.

Marlin Credit Services: Building a bridge between your needs and your money

We aim to get your loan processed soonest. Help us to help you by ensuring that you have all your documentation ready for submission.

Being credit worthy with a good credit record will go a long way to faster approval.

How to Apply for Your Bridging Loan

Are you ready to get your money into your hands?  We're here to make it happen for you.

You will need the following documents to apply for a bridging loan from Marlin Credit Services:

  • Completed bridging loan application form
  • Copy of ID document
  • Copy of latest 2 month bank statement
  • Copy of latest payslip
  • Pension/provident fund benefit statement
  • Divorce settlement order where applicable
  • Any other documents that can strengthen your application

Once you have spoken to a Marlin Credit Services bridging loan consultant, you will receive an application form to complete and return to us by fax or email along with the above supporting documents. Our consultant may want to speak to you about your application, or to verify certain information.

When your application is in order, it will be sent for approval. Depending on your credit worthiness and meeting our terms and conditions, you should receive your cash within 48 hours to a week.

Get in touch with Marlin Credit Services today to apply for a bridging loan on your divorce settlement.


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