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Bridging Finance Against a Retrenchment Payout

Bridging Finance Against a Pension or Provident Fund Settlement after Dismissal

In today's tough economic times, it is not uncommon for companies to let their people go. They simply cannot afford to keep them on staff. Thousands of people are retrenched every year, and they understand the financial impact it can have on your life.

Being financially savvy is always important, but especially so when you're retrenched or when you resign from your job. In addition to managing your finances, claiming UIF and contacting your creditors, you can also claim on the credit life insurance on your short term loans. If you have retrenchment cover, that will cover the costs of your debt while you search for new employment. Most retrenchment insurance products pay out for up to six months after retrenchment.

Waiting for your retrenchment package can take time, while life goes on and bills pile up. Marlin Credit Services can help you stay afloat during this time difficult time, by offering a bridging loan that will enable you to get your hands on a portion of your lump sum now. With affordable bridging finance loans of up to R32 000, we can help you take care of the most pressing expenses while you wait for your retrenchment payout.

Our courteous, helpful consultants make quick and efficient service a priority. If you qualify for a lump sum payout of a minimum of R20,000, you can apply for a bridging loan against your retrenchment package. With bridging finance loans terms of up to 90 days, we can help you get your hands on some of your money right away.

What you need to apply

You will need the following documents to apply for bridging finance against your retrenchment pay out:

  • Your ID
  • 2 month current bank statement
  • Last pay-slip
  • Pension / Provident Fund benefit statement
  • Divorce settlement where applicable
  • Letter of appointment with new company, if employed again (where applicable)

Although Marlin Credit Services makes it a priority to process your loan in the shortest time possible, fund administrators tend to delay the process. We therefore urge you to submit your application immediately. Marlin Credit Services would like to assist you in getting your financial need solved, soonest.

Let Marlin Credit Services help you through this time of financial turmoil. Apply for a bridging finance loan against your lump sum retrenchment payout today.


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